Going. Going. Gone.

Content warning: death I found out recently that a childhood friend of mine passed away. It happened a while ago, I only found out recently because I don’t follow anyone on Facebook, so it was after I purposefully started looking up high school friends that I found this out. I saw the picture first, I […]

Speak No Evil

I lost my voice over the weekend. I spent over a week playing a character in a play that screams a lot. I’ve played characters that yell before, so I’m surprised this even happened. You just never know when your body is gonna do something unexpected. Gosh, writing¬†that made me sad. I originally typed saying […]


People here love wanting to check-in. According to Merriam-Webster, the definition of a check-in is “an act or instance of checking-in.”¬†It is also defined as “the act or process of reporting that you have arrived at a hotel, an airport, etc.” It says nothing about anxious people confronting anxious people about potential problems, or anxious […]

Eat Me

I sort of went vegan again. I say sort of because it’s not strict at all, but it kind of is because I’m already a picky eater as it stands. Vegan-ish, maybe. I was thinking about not even telling people, because then it becomes a thing, and I already have too many things to deal […]