Writer’s Block

I’m having writer’s block. I’m not sure where I wanna go with my story. But I wanted to let y’all know that, so hopefully y’all won’t be too surprised when I start writing about other things, and maybe then going back to this story, because I do want to finish it! Advertisements

Traveling Pt 5

“Girl, my dad is waiting for us. Leave that gay boy alone.” Janie was dragging Nia by the arm with one hand, suitcase in other. “Stop calling him that. He’s bi.” “Whatever. He was afraid to tell you though and pretended he was a virgin instead.” “Like you’re not afraid of coming out sometimes…” “Of […]

Traveling Pt. 4

Richard’s last boyfriend told him that he just couldn’t be comfortable around him. It wasn’t that Richard himself made him uncomfortable, it was just that he didn’t feel like he could be as open to intimacy as Richard was in a short period of time. That taught Richard two things: 1. That you can actively […]