Traveling Pt 2.

It’s not that Richard didn’t find Nia attractive. Quite the contrary. But he had heard that she was crazy from some of his friends. You know. Type of person who would start crying when the leaves fell because “the nature was so overwhelming,” or some shit like that.

He hadn’t seen that in person. He did see how good her ass looked in yoga pants. He was so surprised though, he didn’t expect for her to ask him out. She never talked to him the whole module.

But he said yes.

Richard watered his aloe plants. His roommate Charlie asked him if he ever talked to them. “No, not really,” he said. Why talk to something that’s not real? That’s what his mom always told him. Considering all of the exes she has, she might need to follow her own advice.

“Ricky, I’m goin now!”

Charlie decided that he was gonna give Richard a nickname no one else did. He had been going by Richie for years.

“Hey man, take care, OK?” Richard pulled him into a hug and a firm pat on the back. Charlie wasn’t really affectionate and Richard figured this would be a good compromise.

“Did you text that girl?”

“What girl?”

Charlie stared at Richard with a lopsided grin. “You’ve been in your books, for too long. That girl from your yoga class. You gave her your number, right?”

Oh shit, Richard thought.

“You forgot, didn’t you?”

“I was busy.”

“OK, better hope she’s still here. See you in a week.”

“Yeah, see ya.”

After Charlie left, Richard figured he should stay something to Nia. He whipped out his phone and texted: Hey, sorry I’m late with this…

He didn’t expect to get such a quick reply: Hey Richie. I’m traveling, I won’t be back til next week. Midterms took over, huh? 🙂 Maybe next time.”

And Richard didn’t know what came over him, but he texted her right away and said Yes. Maybe it was because he was lonely. Maybe it was because Nia seemed so nice. But he then said Yoever wonder if people always feel like someone is watching them?

He didn’t think that he would be texting her for hours after that.


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