Traveling- A Short Story

Nia kept staring at the two young women standing outside the bus. She didn’t know exactly what she was staring at, but she was transfixed by the sight of them talking to each other, really close together. She didn’t know their names, but she had seen them around campus before, so it was kind of like she knew them. One of the women was wearing a jacket, and the way the two of them were almost intertwined with each other, she  must have been warm enough without it.

“It’s so weird to be outside, knowing that people are possibly watching you, and you may never know that they’re watching. Like, Darrell told me he saw me walking by King, and I was like, ‘Where were you?’ And he was like ‘3rd floor of King.’ I was like, ‘What the fuck?'”

Nia took in the words of her friend Janie. Janie always had a bit of a paranoid complex, and generally it was entertaining. For some reason, this was rubbing her the wrong way. It’s probably because of the other day.  She tried asking out some guy in her yoga class, and he had seemed receptive, and had even given her his number. And… nothing.

Maybe everyone knows that people are watching, Nia thought.

Wow girl, now who sounds paranoid?

Sometimes Nia wondered if she wanted a relationship like those two women (assuming that they were in one, anyway). It seems like a lot of pressure…


Nia looked at her phone. It was Richie.

Hey, sorry I’m late with this. Wanna get coffee before I leave? Did you already leave?

“Ooh, is that Guy?”


“Yeah, Guy Richie.”

“Oh, God.”

“Is it him, is it him?”

“Yes.” Nia thought about how to respond. Should she be coquettish, act like there was still a shot that they could fuck. Should she just be straightforward, tell him he’s too late?

The bus was moving, the couple outside had separated.

“Do something,” Janie pestered Nia.

Nia started texting. “Hey, Richie…”


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