Traveling Pt. 3

Nia was surprised that Richie, or Richard, she should say,┬áresponded as quickly as he did, and that they would text each other as long as they had. To be fair, she didn’t know him, maybe he always did this with girls he liked but didn’t text right away. But she was still surprised. Janie was […]

Traveling Pt 2.

It’s not that Richard didn’t find Nia attractive. Quite the contrary. But he had heard that she was crazy from some of his friends. You know. Type of person who would start crying when the leaves fell because “the nature was so overwhelming,” or some shit like that. He hadn’t seen that in person. He […]

Traveling- A Short Story

Nia kept staring at the two young women standing outside the bus. She didn’t know exactly what she was staring at, but she was transfixed by the sight of them talking to each other, really close together. She didn’t know their names, but she had seen them around campus before, so it was kind of […]

Future Shock

Sometimes I imagine my life in the future when I’m sitting on my couch in my apartment eating take out and watching Jane the Virgin. I wonder if I’ll live with someone that I’m in love with and we have to work out how to share the apartment. I wonder if I’ll have a good […]

Touch Me In The Morning

Sometimes I wonder what my life would be like if I was in relationships with the people I can’t get with, whether it’s because they’re straight, or in a relationship, aren’t attracted to me, or any combination of those things. It wouldn’t really be a relationship, it would be a figment of my imagination. But […]


I’ve missed typing on here. I’m gonna get back to typing on here regularly. I got lost for a minute. It’s my senior year, I’m gonna get lost. But I was in my bed dealing with the fact that I got rejected from a fellowship I was applying for. And it hit me, “This college […]