Gerardo No Last Name

Written in Spring of 2016- Class Assignment Inspired by The House on Mango Street

Gerardo No Last Name

He knew a boy named Gerardo. He can’t remember his face, but he remembers that he thought Gerardo was cute. When Gerardo transferred to his middle school in the sixth grade, it only took a couple of periods for the two of them to become friends. When it got to the end of the day, he decided to walk part of the way home with Gerardo. He didn’t know where Gerardo lived or what his house looked like. He knew nothing about him. But he took the long way home with Gerardo that day, even though he lived 2 blocks away from the middle school, and if he cut through the alley, he really had no excuse to be more than 10 minutes late going home.

He wondered if Gerardo liked him, as more than a friend. He wondered if that mattered. Gerardo asked if he wanted to come over to his house.

There was so much that Anthony wanted to tell him in that moment. That he had been dealing with the fact that he liked guys for a couple of years now. That maybe he liked him, but it’s not like he could talk about that at home. That home has definitely started to not feel like home, and it feels like it’s his fault that’s the case, because that’s what the Bible would say. That part of him feels like it’s not his fault, he just doesn’t have the words to say why. That he wanted to go to Gerardo’s home, just see what another home was like, because he only knew his and he hated it, and maybe being in Gerardo’s home would take him away from all of that pain, just for a little while. But he knew nothing about Gerardo, and figured he couldn’t say all of that.

He said no, I’m sorry, I’m not allowed to go to people’s houses. Gerardo said oh, OK. And they parted ways. Anthony wanted to run back to walk him home, but he was too scared of his parents and went inside, wondering what type of life Gerardo lived, and what would have happened if he decided to say yes. They didn’t talk much after that, and 3 weeks later Gerardo left, never to be seen again.


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