Gerardo No Last Name

Written in Spring of 2016- Class Assignment Inspired by The House on Mango Street Gerardo No Last Name He knew a boy named Gerardo. He can’t remember his face, but he remembers that he thought Gerardo was cute. When Gerardo transferred to his middle school in the sixth grade, it only took a couple of […]

Table for Two

Written in Summer of 2016 I missed the bus that was gonna take me to the dining hall before it closed. I was trying to keep myself on a budget, but I hadn’t eaten all day, and I wanted to eat while I started this GRE prep book I just bought. I decided to go […]


My college campus loves that word. Lots of college campuses love that word. It makes sense to me why. I mean, if college, colleges in the world, the idea of college itself, has historically marginalized many groups of people, and “college” wants to educate more people and diversify in order to make more money, then […]


One day, I want to do an intensive research project comparing the Reconstruction era of the United States to the “denazification” era in Germany. Both fascinate me to no end. Both of these eras represent a willingness of a country to try to change their ways. But one worked, and one didn’t. Why? I didn’t […]

No Money, Lots of Problems

When I was younger, there was a period of time that my family was on food stamps (I guess it’s called SNAP now), and since we lived in Illinois, we were issued a Link card, and we would have to call the number to see how much money we had on the Link card. So, […]

Bible Stories #1- Salty

As y’all may or may not know, I’m a pastor’s child. I grew up having to read the Bible constantly, and those stories can just be so crazy. But I never really get the chance to talk about them and what they mean. So, I feel like summarizing and sharing stories and talking about my […]