Written in Winter of 2015

You are a monolith


Conspicuously immovable

Every position you take is predictable

You are only what you want to be


I crash headfirst

Dazed and confused

Delirium overrides sense

Passion overtakes sanity

I confuse fixations for admiration


Middling self-righteousness

And crippling self-doubt

Collude to form

Our unholy patrimony

‘Til life do us part


Cancerous reveries

Dilute romantic inquiries

Visions of surroundings

Corrupted by your

Immovable presence


The fixation fixed my gaze

On petty realities

Suffocating me

At every step

You’re around the corner


Rejection’s wounds

Which have never healed

Continue to open for you

A blood sacrifice

Which goes ignored


Hating me

You try not to exist


I force you to

We’re stuck at an impasse


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