Forget Me Not

Written in Spring of 2016


Drunken kisses in the night

Making memories

That in 10 years

Neither of you will keep


You hold her tight

Too scared she’ll slip away

As you stumble home,

Beer bottle in hand,

That shatters when you stumble

On yourself


“Mazel tov,” you say


She giggles, and

You wonder if she does it

Because she thinks you’re funny

Or if she does it

Because you’re not


In 5 years, you’ll call her a liar

Right now she holds your secrets

You’ve cried in front of her

And she didn’t walk away


You guide her home

People stare at the spectacle

Some wonder if you’re a lover

Or a rapist

You wonder if she wonders that too


You take off your clothes

And spoon her

Rub her nipples

Trace crescent moons

By her navel

You want to go further

You’ll know she’ll stop you


In a year, you’ll pretend

That you don’t remember her

Right now you hope

To always remember

How you discovered true love

In that bed

Just by holding her


You wake up

Leave her wrapped

In her cocoon

Make your walk of shame

Smiling all the way


By next month, you’ll end it

Today, you think it’s a new beginning


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