Written in Spring of 2014


I find solace in dimmed lights

Bathing my non-existent sensuality

In moody darkness


I am invincible

I am vulnerable

I get to witness

The same songs played over and over

The same friends who play lovers to one another

The same lonely people dancing on their own

But that’s me


Even in darkness

One can see that my gyrations

Aren’t quite right

The lights could be off

And one could still see my desperation

Dripping from my pores down my back

Staining the lack of clothes I decided to wear

Just to make a missed connection


I find solace in that lack of light

Because there is less of a shine

On how badly I want

To love somebody


In the darkness

I can pretend that anyone

Is that somebody

But I’m still loving on my own


I find solace in that darkness

Because maybe at some point

Everyone there

Has loved on their own as well.


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